Get to know your customers and boost their loyalty through a more personalized experience across all channels.

Bring your data to life

Raptor is the number one personalization platform for e-commerce, helping you deliver personal and data-driven customer journeys across all channels.

By activating the customer data within your business, Raptor’s solutions create automated and personalized content and product recommendations across your online store, e-mail campaigns, and in paid ads.



Raptor Services is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that delivers the market-leading personalization platform for ambitious e-commerce companies. Through advanced algorithms, data activation, and machine learning, Raptor’s solutions automate tailored content and product recommendations across channels. This helps companies build stronger customer relationships and ensures every interaction is more meaningful than the last.

Raptor’s solutions also offer advanced insights that allow businesses to calculate and optimize Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), making sure your personalization efforts not only engage customers but also enhance their value over time.



E-commerce companies that seek to create a data-driven and relevant omnichannel experience, automate and personalize their product recommendations, and improve customer segmentation.

Raptor’s personalization platform is designed to recognize, collect, and activate customer data at the individual level. It automatically generates relevant and timely recommendations that resonate with customer behavior across different platforms and channels. Moreover, the platform offers the detailed data insights that marketers need to build meaningful audiences, report on campaign performances, and plan marketing activities that excite and convert.