Top-line growth

Everything starts from the top. Investments in digitalization is key to creating top-line growth. Companies that are not investing in digitalization are clearly missing out on this journey.

Top-line growth does not grow on trees. We know that. Grow your top-line and differentiate your products and services with a company from QNTM’s digital ecosystem.

Digital maturity, expertise in top line management, and digitalization all play an important part of top-line growth.

Discover how companies in our ecosystem have helped others accommodate to this and grow their top-line as well as differentiating their products and services here.

Now ask yourself. What is the state of your company’s top-line, and how do you plan to grow it?

Superior companies from a top-line growth perspective invest 35% more than competitors in order to differentiate their product or service. Digital investments need to be focused on the right areas to drive growth.
(Cupole / QNTM survey 2020)
Young companies are significantly better at updating their digitalization strategy on a more consistent basis – approximately 40% more often than older companies. Digitalization is the key.
(Cupole / QNTM survey 2020)
3 out of 4 companies exhibit a direct link between their digital investments and their top-line growth. 75% of all respondents experience that their digitalization efforts leads to top-line growth.
(Cupole / QNTM survey 2020)

If you and your company need help with digitalization – or top-line growth – let’s talk.

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