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QNTM acquires SaaS company Ibexa

QNTM Group (QNTM) today announced the acquisition of the majority in Norway-based Ibexa. Including Ibexa in QNTM´s portfolio will further strengthen the group´s position in the European market for eCommerce (eCOM) and Content Management Systems (CMS).

Ibexa provides a cloud-based Digital Experience Platform (DXP) specializing in solutions for B2B digital transformation. Offering headless content management, eCommerce and personalization along with flexible development capabilities, Ibexa DXP empowers B2B companies to implement new sales strategies and improve customer experience and digital journeys. Ibexa’s DXP is delivered through a dedicated partner ecosystem across Europe and brands such as Crédit Agricole, Pierre Fabre, Aschehoug, Groupe Atlantic and Whirlpool rely on Ibexa as a cutting-edge enabler of growth. Ibexa is headquartered in Oslo, Norway and has offices in Germany, France, Spain, Poland, the UK and the USA. The company has 96 employees and annual revenue of more than MSEK100.

QNTM’s investment in Ibexa
– Becoming part of QNTM Group is a unique opportunity for Ibexa to accelerate our ongoing scaling and international expansion, in order to take a leading position in the European DXP market. This market is on a tremendous growth trajectory, accelerated by the need for enterprises to digitalize their sales channels – a need highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic, says Morten Ingebrigtsen, Ibexa CEO.

– Ibexa´s DXP allows businesses to continuously evolve how they create and deliver value for their customers – modernizing sales and tailoring outstanding customer experiences. Becoming part of QNTM Group is fantastic news for our customers and partners. We have a common vision of enabling companies to accelerate their business transformation and fuel growth – to create the digital winners of tomorrow,  adds Bertrand Maugain, Ibexa Co-CEO.

Why QNTM invests in Ibexa
QNTM continues to expand its ecosystem with Ibexa’s strong foothold in the DXP space and their broad network of European partners.  Ibexa will be part of QNTM´s increasing focus on the eCOM/CMS vertical following the acquisition of the award-winning Danish eCOM company Hesehus in January 2021.  

– We were looking for a growth-minded SaaS company with established partner and client networks in Europe that would secure a broader offering in our eCOM/CMS verticals.  Ibexa met our stringent criteria, and along with Hesehus, Ibexa will create a huge potential to scale both companies faster and increase the value of the whole QNTM ecosystem, says Eivind Roald, QNTM CEO.

About Ibexa
Ibexa’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP) enables organizations to stay competitive, optimize their revenue streams, launch new products and services and test-drive digital strategies. With Ibexa DXP, B2B companies can transform sales strategies and build frictionless buying experiences with a cost-effective and scalable solution. 

For further information concerning the acquisition please contact
Eivind Roald 
+47 965 10 101

Morten Ingebrigtsen
CEO Ibexa
+ 47 913 14 440