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Eivind Roald guest stars in All In med Oslo Business Forum

On the 14th of July, Eivind Roald joined the podcast All In med Oslo Business Forum where he brought forward the digital elephant in the boardroom and discussed how critical it is that both top management teams and boards have digital competence.

During the podcast Eivind talks about his year in SAS, and provides some intriguing insight how he played a key role in helping with the turnaround of the operations encircling the SAS brand.

Additionally, Eivind also discusses the goals that QNTM group has set regarding digital competence in management. Since a recent study around 1,400 Nordic companies found that if you have digital competence, larger investments are made within the digital area, thus providing you with a better effect from it. As well as the management teams defined a specific function in the management team to be responsible for digital investments, were able to a much greater extent adopt all possible technologies out there and make investments related to that area.

In this podcast you will be able to find answers to questions such as:

Is there a minimum level of digital competence for a leader or a board member, if so what is it?

Is it the big companies with their platform solutions or the small, incremental innovation, fast-growing gazelles we should follow and learn from?

Who or what sets the agenda for top-line growth?

You can listen to this podcast episode anywhere you listen to podcasts, on Spotify, iTunes or directly via Oslo Business Forum