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Adnami secures series A funding from QNTM Group

The investment is designed to accelerate Adnami’s steep growth trajectory as it continues to revolutionise programmatic, high impact advertising.

Following its rapid growth across the Nordics and throughout Europe, leading ad tech company Adnami today announces that it has secured series A growth funding from QNTM Group.

Adnami is on a mission to improve the effectiveness of digital advertising. Its solutions for programmatic high impact advertising allow brands to get better returns on their marketing investments. As a response to some of the central issues the ad market is facing with targeting and tracking, scalable solutions for digital brand advertising are in high demand and this funding is earmarked for Adnami to expand its product portfolio and to drive its continued geographical expansion across Europe and beyond.

QNTM is a portfolio company founded in 2020 and owned by the Nordic private equity company, Altor. Its focus is to invest in and build an ecosystem of companies focused on digitalisation within the sales and marketing value chain. QNTM invests in founders and companies with capital, expertise and an invaluable ecosystem to support their ambitions to be world class within their industry.

Simon Kvist Gaulshøj, CEO at Adnami, comments: “The previous decade was about data and algorithms. We believe this decade is going to be about creativity, attention and transparency. Our platform and services enable brands to serve more creative ad experiences which is proven to deliver an average of 10X user attention compared to standard display. As there is a lot of appetite in the market for solutions like ours, the timing is just right for us to take our company to the next level.

“We are delighted to have found industry-focused investors who understand the challenges and changes the space is undergoing. With QNTM, we have alongside us an incredibly strong partner when it comes to structuring and scaling tech businesses internationally.”

Eivind Roald, CEO at QNTM, adds: “We are truly excited to be joining Adnami at such an exciting moment in its growth journey. We have been hugely impressed with the results Adnami and its team have delivered so far, and believe that its technology-focused approach makes it an extremely attractive proposition for publishers, agencies and advertisers worldwide.”

Earlier this year, Adnami opened offices in Hamburg and Paris and strengthened its management team with the appointment of Jørgen Flarup Gosvig, who has been part of the European scale-up scene for the last decade, as CFO.

About Adnami:

Adnami specialises in programmatic, high-impact advertising solutions. Its templated and platform-agnostic approach to high impact advertising provides a scalable and automated solution to run attention-grabbing and impactful advertising campaigns. Adnami works with a growing portfolio of publishers, agencies and advertisers; reaching over 300 million uniques every month across 3,000 domains. With offices in Copenhagen, Stockholm, London, Hamburg and Paris, Adnami continues to expand its solutions for high impact advertising, working with a diverse range of brand clients such as Heineken, BMW, American Express, Disney, Samsung and Amazon.

Hesehus wins “Best E-commerce Case” at the annual Dansk Erhverv E-handelsprisen award show

This is the second time Hesehus has won “Best E-commerce Case” at the show, making it a total of 9 won awards at the Dansk Erhverv E-handelsprisen.

Since 2000, the Dansk Erhverv has arranged the industry’s largest party and awards show within e-commerce. The goal of this award show is to recognize and award a selective group of Danish e-commerce companies for their incredible work within categories such as, “Best Ecommerce App”, “Best e-commerce case”, “Best new e-commerce company”, etc. In total there are hundreds of companies that apply, where only 55 companies become finalists for the 11 categories that are presented. So one can say this award is truly only for the elite, best of the best!

Unsurprisingly, Hesehus was warmly welcomed back as a finalist once again for “Best e-commerce case”, as a result of the amazing work they had done with Dinex ( a leading global manufacturer and distributor for exhaust and after treatment emission solutions for off-road and commercial vehicles). Hesehus’s fellow finalists that they had to compete with to win this coveted award included strong companies such as; Vertica, IMPACT, and Slize for the prize.

In the end Hesehus was rewarded with “Best e-commerce case” on the basis of the following quote from the organizers.

“Dinex, together with Hesehus, has created an explosion in online shopping from a web shop that accounted for less than 1% of revenue, to 74% in a year and a half. At the same time, the market’s perception of the company has risen significantly. Hesehus has had a unique approach as a sparring partner for the management of Dinex, which has had the courage to take a huge leap, backed by thorough research, where customers have really been listened to. Features such as frame number search and live-streaming are based on the customers’ everyday lives and needs. The trust that has been created all around has allowed a digitalisation that has been a game changer for Dinex and given them access to completely new markets and growth opportunities. “ – Dansk Erhverv

This is the second time Hesehus has won “Best E-commerce Case” at the show, making it a total of 9 won awards at the Dansk Erhverv E-handelsprisen.

If you are interested in learning how one of Denmark’s most prestigious e-commerce solution providers can help you increase your revenue in web shops click here. If you are interested to find out more how Hesehus has helped a number of other companies, check out all of the cases right here.

QNTM signs Emma Dyga as new COO

QNTM Group (QNTM), today announced that Emma Dyga, the former CEO of the software company APSIS International, will join the Group as the new COO starting on March 7th.

– We are pleased to announce that Emma Dyga has accepted the position as COO for QNTM Group. With Emma we will have an experienced leader from a global software company that will have substantial positive impact on developing the Group, says QNTM Groups CEO Eivind Roald.

– After 4 years at APSIS as CEO developing high-end software for digital marketing and another 13 years before that in telco working in tech and commercial, I’m now thrilled to join QNTM Group and the QNTM team as COO. The high ambition of building a sustainable and best of breed ecosystem that can support companies to enhance and scale fast digitally to grow revenue and at the same time create a system where SaaS/tech portfolio companies can thrive together long term is a strong and exciting concept that I look forward to join, says Emma Dyga.


QNTM’s ambition is to create a leading European eco system of digital experts, software, MarTech and commercial system integrators. Since the launch of QNTM in January 2021, the Group now consists of 4 fast growing and unique companies. All the companies provide award winning technology and competence in supporting enterprises in increasing their top line revenue. Today QNTM has ownership in Hesehus, Raptor Services, Ibexa and SeenThis.

Eivind Roald, CEO, QNTM Group
Mobile: +47 965 10 101

QNTM acquires SaaS company Ibexa

QNTM Group (QNTM) today announced the acquisition of the majority in Norway-based Ibexa. Including Ibexa in QNTM´s portfolio will further strengthen the group´s position in the European market for eCommerce (eCOM) and Content Management Systems (CMS).

Ibexa provides a cloud-based Digital Experience Platform (DXP) specializing in solutions for B2B digital transformation. Offering headless content management, eCommerce and personalization along with flexible development capabilities, Ibexa DXP empowers B2B companies to implement new sales strategies and improve customer experience and digital journeys. Ibexa’s DXP is delivered through a dedicated partner ecosystem across Europe and brands such as Crédit Agricole, Pierre Fabre, Aschehoug, Groupe Atlantic and Whirlpool rely on Ibexa as a cutting-edge enabler of growth. Ibexa is headquartered in Oslo, Norway and has offices in Germany, France, Spain, Poland, the UK and the USA. The company has 96 employees and annual revenue of more than MSEK100.

QNTM’s investment in Ibexa
– Becoming part of QNTM Group is a unique opportunity for Ibexa to accelerate our ongoing scaling and international expansion, in order to take a leading position in the European DXP market. This market is on a tremendous growth trajectory, accelerated by the need for enterprises to digitalize their sales channels – a need highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic, says Morten Ingebrigtsen, Ibexa CEO.

– Ibexa´s DXP allows businesses to continuously evolve how they create and deliver value for their customers – modernizing sales and tailoring outstanding customer experiences. Becoming part of QNTM Group is fantastic news for our customers and partners. We have a common vision of enabling companies to accelerate their business transformation and fuel growth – to create the digital winners of tomorrow,  adds Bertrand Maugain, Ibexa Co-CEO.

Why QNTM invests in Ibexa
QNTM continues to expand its ecosystem with Ibexa’s strong foothold in the DXP space and their broad network of European partners.  Ibexa will be part of QNTM´s increasing focus on the eCOM/CMS vertical following the acquisition of the award-winning Danish eCOM company Hesehus in January 2021.  

– We were looking for a growth-minded SaaS company with established partner and client networks in Europe that would secure a broader offering in our eCOM/CMS verticals.  Ibexa met our stringent criteria, and along with Hesehus, Ibexa will create a huge potential to scale both companies faster and increase the value of the whole QNTM ecosystem, says Eivind Roald, QNTM CEO.

About Ibexa
Ibexa’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP) enables organizations to stay competitive, optimize their revenue streams, launch new products and services and test-drive digital strategies. With Ibexa DXP, B2B companies can transform sales strategies and build frictionless buying experiences with a cost-effective and scalable solution. 

For further information concerning the acquisition please contact
Eivind Roald 
+47 965 10 101

Morten Ingebrigtsen
CEO Ibexa
+ 47 913 14 440

QNTM acquires Raptor, Danish leading software company

QNTM Group (QNTM) today announced an agreement to acquire a majority stake in Raptor Services (Raptor), a leading software for product recommendation, personalization, and customer data platform.

– QNTM continues to build a strong eco system of consulting, software, and tech companies by adding Raptor to the Group – the Group now consists of 11 companies, complementing in niche and skills.

– Raptor is the second Danish software company that QNTM adds to the Group, after the acquisition of the Danish award winning eCom platform Hesehus earlier this year.

– Raptor will be the starting point for a new vertical within QNTM named QNTM Web Optimization Group. The ambition is to acquire several niche software companies focusing on making eCom platforms and websites more efficient through higher conversions. The group will be led by Raptor’s CEO Kenneth Boll.

QNTM’s investment in Raptor Services
Raptor is an award-winning software company from Aarhus in Denmark founded in 2013 delivering market-leading personalization solutions and Customer Data Platform for customers like Schibsted, TUI, and Bauhaus. The solution activates customer data through recommendations and offer relevant customer experiences in all channels.

Why did Raptor choose QNTM?
– We were looking for a partner who could support us in scaling and growing our services outside Denmark, with the same vision and passion as we have. In QNTM we found something different than just a Private Equity-fund, we found an ecosystem with other companies within our industry that we look forward to collaborating with, and with a management in QNTM who focus on true partnership and high ambitions. We will expand our market share internationally to become a European market leader within the next couple of years, says Kenneth Boll, CEO of Raptor.

– This partnership means we can keep on innovating the product and create valuable solutions for e-commerce businesses everywhere. Our customers have always been a central element in the development of our solutions and adding new markets will only open for even more innovative projects, says Jan Skov, COO, and Co-founder of Raptor.

Why Raptor is important for QNTM
– QNTM has started an exciting journey, creating a leading European eco-system of companies of digital consulting, software, and MarTech companies. Raptor is a leading technology in supporting websites and eCom platforms in personalized recommendations of products or content and the Customer Data Platform. The company will be a cornerstone in building QNTM’s new vertical of Web Optimization tools, says Eivind Roald, CEO in QNTM.

Who is Raptor?
Raptor Services is a Danish company founded in February 2013. Raptor Services provides a market-leading personalization and Customer Data Platform that activates data to create relevant customer experiences. Raptor Services serves enterprise businesses all over the world with more than +300 customers.

Visit their website:

For further information concerning the acquisition please contact:
Eivind Roald
+47 965 10 101

Kenneth Boll
CEO Raptor Services
+45 2026 6594

Elephant in the room

Are you on the board or a top manager for a company that has little to no top line growth? Have you ever pondered how little your company is actually able to stand out in comparison to your competitors? How often do you discuss these issues, or is the lack of top-line growth the famous “elephant in the room”?

When I joined SAS in 2012 as the Executive Vice President for Commercial Services, I was asked: «How do you manage to charge 20-30% more than Norwegian Air when you only sell one seat? An airplane seat is just an airplane seat, right? It was a relevant question, as relevant as saying that a car is a car, a bag is a bag, a PC is a PC and an accountant is an accountant. For SAS, with investments in the award-winning SAS app and the development of the EuroBonus program the “We Are Travelers’ concept became one of many tools that acted as differentiators. SAS went from being the worst in its class, to becoming the most attractive airline from 2013 until the pandemic hit, changing all the conditions.

Cupole, a company in the QNTM ecosystem, has analyzed 1,400 Nordic companies’ top-line growth over the past 3 years. The results should be a wake up call for all boards and top level managers. Nordic companies have an alarmingly low top-line growth (3-4% organic growth). The survey indicates a connection between a lack of digital competence in boards and management groups, and a lack of top-line growth. Companies with digital expertise invest significantly more in digital solutions and have an average top-line growth of 12% vs 3% for companies that invest a little in digital solutions. The fastest growing companies are investing primarily in digital solutions in order to differentiate their products / services from their competitors.

Eivind Roald - Elephant in the room

By 2021, consumers and decision makers are “born digital”. The fact that the boards have not ensured that top managers and top management have better digital competence shows a lack of understanding of the connections. Our survey further shows a connection between lack of digital competence in management and boards and low investment in digital solutions, which in turn results in flat or no top-line growth. Here, as elsewhere, it all starts at the top.

In the COVID year of 2020, a number of companies realized that they were not prepared to digitally meet their customers. This has led to an explosion of home-made solutions that do little to effectively differentiate companies. Today’s consumers expect you to meet them digitally with premier solutions, not with a web or mobile site that appears to have been built in the early 2000s. Matas, which is a listed Danish group that sells products within make-up, hair and care. In addition to their more than 200 physical stores, they have accelerated investments in digital solutions, which has gone from 4% of sales to almost 30% of sales in just 3 years. The award-winning company Hesehus, which is a part of the QNTM Group, has been developing and delivering the eCommerce platform to Matas for more than 10 years. In 2020, Matas digital sales increased by more than 200%, making them now the second largest eCom website in Denmark, despite the fact that they sell the same products as their competitors. Shareholders have seen their shares value ​​increase by more than 80% in the last year – which, some of the shareholders have actually understood.

The companies that win in competitive situations have secured heavy digital expertise in their board and top management. Their digital investments are not only focused on reducing costs internally, but they have also developed sophisticated ways to digitally communicate with customers,  gain deep insight into which digital marketing works, and implemented leading solutions so that customers can easily gain knowledge digitally regarding products, as well as the ability to purchase products digitally.

Our research indicates that very few management teams know how to create top-line growth – which should cause most shareholders to stay awake at night, leading to the creation of a shareholder revolt and higher demands for new expertise and more digital investments. As for some, a car is not just a car, and an airplane seat is not just an airplane seat.

Click here to read more about how digital maturity, expertise in top line management, and digitalization all play an important part in a company’s top-line growth.

Contact Eivind Roald
Phone: +47 965 10 101

Eivind Roald guest stars in All In med Oslo Business Forum

On the 14th of July, Eivind Roald joined the podcast All In med Oslo Business Forum where he brought forward the digital elephant in the boardroom and discussed how critical it is that both top management teams and boards have digital competence.

During the podcast Eivind talks about his year in SAS, and provides some intriguing insight how he played a key role in helping with the turnaround of the operations encircling the SAS brand.

Additionally, Eivind also discusses the goals that QNTM group has set regarding digital competence in management. Since a recent study around 1,400 Nordic companies found that if you have digital competence, larger investments are made within the digital area, thus providing you with a better effect from it. As well as the management teams defined a specific function in the management team to be responsible for digital investments, were able to a much greater extent adopt all possible technologies out there and make investments related to that area.

In this podcast you will be able to find answers to questions such as:

Is there a minimum level of digital competence for a leader or a board member, if so what is it?

Is it the big companies with their platform solutions or the small, incremental innovation, fast-growing gazelles we should follow and learn from?

Who or what sets the agenda for top-line growth?

You can listen to this podcast episode anywhere you listen to podcasts, on Spotify, iTunes or directly via Oslo Business Forum

QNTM invests in SeenThis to build a global technology company

QNTM Group (QNTM), today announced an agreement to invest in SeenThis, a fast growing Swedish Tech company that offers a unique adaptive streaming technology with potential to transform the distribution of advertisements and websites globally.

– With this, QNTM continues its high growth pace of investing in companies that will increase top-line growth for clients, building a unique ecosystem of digital companies.

– The investment in SeenThis is the second investment in Nordic companies within a month from QNTM.

– SeenThis’ technology addresses a major issue for advertisers and fits very well with QNTM’s vision to create digital winners and be the leader within the digital sales & marketing value chain.

QNTM’s investment in SeenThis
SeenThis, is a Tech company, operating within the martech space, offering solutions for increasing efficiency of display advertising to the global digital advertising industry. Through adaptive streaming SeenThis has developed a superior solution that lowers loading times significantly, with substantial improvements on both cost and conversion rates. SeenThis technology is trusted by premium brands and agencies, e.g. Klarna, Porsche, Siemens, The Wall Street Journal and SEB and addresses an estimated global market opportunity of above 20bSEK.

“SeenThis started with the ambitions to create a global company that speeds up the internet, today the technology is utilized in 30+ countries and for 800+ brands, and we are ready to scale. We are therefore pleased to have QNTM as a new strategic owner to help fuel our growth globally,” says Jesper Benon, Chairman of the Board and Co-founder of SeenThis.

Why QNTM invests in SeenThis
“QNTM will invest in a unique set of companies working with digital strategy and sales & marketing, through both services and software. We will partner with the founders to support them in creating leading global companies” says Eivind Roald, CEO of QNTM.

“In SeenThis we found a unique scalable technology that supports brands, media agencies and publishers in increasing quality and reducing marketing cost when displaying high definition video and image advertisements. Supporting commercial executives in increasing top-line growth through digital strategies and give access to unique technologies is the core of our idea, and when we found SeenThis it was a perfect match” Eivind Roald continues.

“With our investment in SeenThis we can see strong synergies with the other companies in the QNTM Group, and with SeenThis as part of the ecosystem each company in the Group will strengthen their offering towards their clients” says Roald.

“We look forward to work with the management and the other management and earlier investors, Celox and 183 invest, to make SeenThis a leading global Tech company within the martech space,” says Roald.

Jesper Benon, Co-founder of SeenThis. Mobile +46 707 553 366. Email
Marcus Myrberg, CEO of SeenThis. Mobile +46 705 758 040. Email
Eivind Roald, CEO, QNTM Group: Mobile +47 965 10 101. Email

About SeenThis
SeenThis is a Swedish tech company offering technical solutions to enable faster delivery of digital advertising with better performance as a result. They operate all over Europe, the United States and Asia, with customers worldwide. Since inception, they have served billions of streams for more than 800+ brands, in 40+ countries.

QNTM launches Nordic partnership with Antler and Restarts the Future to help build 1000 start-ups

QNTM Group (QNTM) and Antler partner up to support and build new start-ups through Antler’s initiative Restart the Future aiming to create 1000 new companies in order to contribute to new jobs and a more robust economy.

– We are proud to become one of Antler’s partners. Antler’s idea of supporting new companies goes hand in hand with our vision of building an ecosystem of digital companies, says Eivind Roald, QNTM CEO. 

Build 1000 new start-ups in Sweden 
Restart the Future is a powerful one year initiative, founded by Antler, and backed by QNTM and 13 other Nordic companies. It consists of a start-up school for the next generation of entrepreneurs, an idea competition and coaching for startups. Submissions for idea pitching starts Monday January 25th and the finalists will win strategic one-on-one coaching with some of the Nordics’ most prominent founders and investors as well as fast-tracked applications to build their startup through Antler’s platform. The idea is that by the end of 2022, Restart the Future will have supported the creation of 1000 new start-ups, building new jobs, strengthening the economy and speed up digitalization. 

A need of a framework for new companies 
– I believe we do not have a particularly good framework for entrepreneurs in the Nordic countries. This makes it much more difficult for new companies to get up and running, says Eivind Roald. 

– Together with Antler, we want to make a difference for new companies with their initiative, Restart the Future. We want to make sure that their framework is set in such a way that it makes it easier to start up and start a new business. It is the new companies that will help us grow and establish new services that will ensure growth and jobs. 

– With Antler, these new companies get a greater chance to grow and establish themselves in the markets. They will receive a safe framework, help and support from Antler and also our network of digital companies. 

Boost new start-ups during Covid-19 
In late 2020, ARC company, Cupole, conducted an analysis of digital companies in the Nordic upon QNTM’s request. The study found that those companies that invested in digitalization despite being in the middle of covid-19 times, increased their top-line growth with 62 percent compared to those that did not invest. 

– With our collaboration with Antler and Restart the Future, we want to help and support start-ups during also now that we have covid-19 surrounding us, says Eivind Roald. 

– We’re thrilled to launch our Idea Competition today, as part of Restart the Future. Our ambition is to inspire anyone with an idea – whether early stage or more developed – to dream big and get involved in building the future they want to see. This initiative is fully aligned with Antler’s mission of enabling and investing in the world’s most exceptional people in building the defining businesses of tomorrow, says Livia Moore, Associate Partner, Marketing at Antler. 

QNTM is particularly interested in working with companies that want to increase this top-line growth through digitization. The desire is to find companies that create great digital solutions that in turn can help companies in how they can differentiate their products and at the same time become global. 

Contact details 
Eivind Roald, CEO, QNTM Group 
Tel: +47 965 10 101 

Livia Moore, Associate Partner, Marketing, Antler 
Tel: +46 709 370 730 

About QNTM Group 
QNTM Group, a fully owned company by Altor Equity Partners, was founded in January 2021 with the objectives to develop a European group of companies working with digital strategy, marketing, software and technology. QNTM gives the companies in the ecosystem access to a network full of leading companies. QNTM currently consists of seven companies, including the Danish e-commerce company Hesehus, and ARC (Conversionista, Curamando, Kurppa Hosk, Animal, Keybroker and Cupole). QNTM has offices in Oslo and Stockholm. 

About Antler 
Antler, founded by Magnus Grimeland in Singapore 2017, has offices in 14 cities worldwide, including in Oslo, Stockholm, New York, London, Sydney to name a few – and soon in Copenhagen. Antler is a global early-stage venture capital firm that builds and invests in the defining technology companies of tomorrow. 

Antler is on a mission to fundamentally improve the world by enabling and investing in the world’s most exceptional people, by building complementary co-founder teams, supporting the teams with deep business model validation and providing a global platform for scaling. 

Since 2017 Antler has helped build and invested in over 250 companies across the globe, with nearly 60 of them in the Nordics.Of these companies, 40% have at least one female co-founder, and the founders represent 70 nationalities. 

Antler helps exceptional entrepreneurs to match with the right co-founder, validate their business idea and launch and scale through providing coaching early-stage funding to the most promising companies. The entrepreneurs that get selected to work with Antler have 10-12 years’ experience. 

Further reading

Altor forms QNTM, to build a European multi-billion group of digital companies. Invests in Hesehus – a leading danish e-com platform

QNTM Group (QNTM) today announced an agreement to acquire a majority stake in Hesehus A/S (Hesehus), an award-winning Danish e-com platform and solutions provider.

  • QNTM will develop an ecosystem for companies working with digital strategy, marketing, software and technology.
  • ARC (consisting of six digital companies, previously invested in by Altor) will be part of QNTM.
  • QNTM will be led by the former Executive Vice President of SAS and former Managing Director of Hewlett-Packard Norway, Eivind Roald.

QNTM’s investment in Hesehus
Hesehus is a leading Danish e-Com platform and solutions provider founded in 2002, in Odense Denmark. The company’s 2020 revenue is above SEK 100m. Hesehus works with a large number of clients across industries, e.g. Matas; Denmark’s leading e-commerce beauty retailer.

“We are pleased to have QNTM as a new strategic owner in Hesehus. We have looked for a partner that understands our industry, who shares our view on having a bold growth plan and who will support us in achieving it”, says Lars Hedal, CEO and Co-founder of Hesehus.

Why Altor established QNTM:
“By establishing QNTM we have kick-started our work in forming one of Europe’s strongest platforms for digital companies” says Mattias Holmström, Principal at Altor.  “As the owner of QNTM we will back CEO Eivind Roald and his team with capital, global expertise and experience from acquisitions and value creation created within the Altor family over the past 17 years”. 

What is the focus of QNTM:
“QNTM will invest in a unique set of companies working with digital strategy and sales & marketing, through both services and software. We will partner with the founders to support them in creating leading global companies” says Eivind Roald, CEO of the newly established QNTM.

“The companies in the Group will support and develop digital solutions for private and public organizations to improve efficiencies and to increase top line growth” Eivind Roald continues.

“With Altor as our owner, we will have access to capital and expertise to create and develop QNTM to become one of the leading European digital platform and ecosystem with multi-billion SEK in revenues” says Eivind Roald, CEO of QNTM.  

Lars Hedal, CEO, Hesehus: Mobil +45 40 25 50 83. Email
Eivind Roald, CEO, QNTM Group: Mobil +47 965 10 101. Email
Tor Krusell, Head of Communications, Altor: Mobil +46 70 543 87 47. Email