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During the years, QNTM’s digital ecosystem of companies have helped, and still help, their clients grow. Clients that are investing in digitalization. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best cases from our leading companies.

Hesehus case: Increase online sales by 76%

Hesehus, one of our ecosystem’s superstars, helped with their customers’ overall experience, leading Matas to become gold winners in the E-commerce award 2020. Read all about it here.

The challenge Matas had was an exciting one for Heseshus to solve. Matas wanted to become the Danes preferred destination for beauty and well-being.

Super easy e-commerce platform – Bizzkit
To meet this challenge, Hesehus dove deep into multiple areas of the digital landscape in e-commerce. Through the Bizzkit platform, Hesehus was able to create an overall customer experience across multiple platforms. As the platform provided the necessary tools to create adjusted content on an individual basis. In other words, Mata’s webshop was tailored to the individual platform in order to provide users the most optimal experience no matter if they were visiting the webshop via desktop, tablet or mobile.

What is the Bizzkit webshop platform?
– One of the top 3 most widely used e-commerce platforms
– Customizable platform to match your business and customer needs
– And so much more, such as assisting businesses to reach their online goals, and, most importantly, helping the top-line to grow

Matas launch of visual search
Together with the setup of the Bizzkit platform, Hesehus groundbreakingly set up visual search on Which, was a functionality that had never before been seen in beauty webshops. Innovative, right?

It’s fairly simple: With their phone, customers can find a product and scan the products bar code or take a picture of it. Once that is done the customer can either purchase the product right away, save it for later, or just check out the price.

These initiatives, and several other, resulted in not just awards and higher customer satisfaction, but also helped increase Matas online sales by an impressive 76%.

Winner of the Gold Award 2020 and gold in the category ‘Best omnichannel company’ in 2013 and 2020 at the E-commerce award.

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Lars Hedal, CEO, Hesehus

SeenThis and LADbible: +107% revenue on display ad inventory

SeenThis, the Swedish streaming company, helped LADbible Group increase their display advertising revenues by 107% with the implementation of adaptive video streaming technology. Want to know how? Find out below.

Background and challenge
LADbible Group, one of the world’s largest youth publishers with an audience approaching a billion, faced an industry landscape where advertisers had become increasingly frustrated with the lack of transparency, complexity, and high cost when buying digital advertising. 

Solly Solomou, the founder and CEO of LADbible Group, commented that “More than £1 in every £5 spent on advertising is wasted every year because users are not fully seeing ads, or offered the best experience.”

LADbible Group has an expansive reach amongst under 34 year olds, and the group felt it was time to make it easier for clients to advertise towards this audience by providing a superior advertising product that not only guarantees completed views, but also at a substantially lower cost as it is sold directly by the LADbible Group.

What did LADbible & SeenThis do?
By utilizing SeenThis adaptive video streaming technology, LADbible Group was able to launch a “fully transparent” media buying option for online video ads where brands pay only for completed views, at a fixed price.

The product, named LADx, offer brands 100% completed views at a guaranteed £0.02 cost per completed view (CPCV) for video ads up to 10 seconds in length; the price goes up to a cost per mille (CPM) of £8 for ads longer than 10 seconds, with the CPCV estimated (but not guaranteed) between £0.03-£0.04. 

The publisher estimates this pricing is 40-60% cheaper than similar ad units elsewhere, and the use of SeenThis streaming technology enables these cost guarantees. 

Impressive results: +107% revenue on display ad inventory
Thanks to LADx’s unique, transparent, and market-first pricing model, the product has been very well received by the industry. Stevie Antonioni, LADbible Group’s Head of Display & Programmatic Sales, explains “..there is real value in the openness it creates between us as a publisher and the brands that we work with.”

As a result, for the last 9 months, LADbible Group has been able to offer a market-leading advertising product, at a lower cost for their clients, whilst increasing revenue by improving the eCPM of their display ad units by 107%.

Transparency and simplicity
Regarding the potential mid- and long-term industry implications of the SeenThis partnership, Antonioni continues “..if advertisers have greater confidence and trust in our industry as a result of a more transparent ad ecosystem, it would be safe to say they would see greater reason to invest more in marketing and realize the potential for advertising to be a significant growth driver for their businesses.”

Colin Gottlieb, LADbible Group Chief Growth Officer, further explains “..that is exactly the reason we partnered with SeenThis, to build LADx. We wanted to create an ad product that not only reduced the complexity and cost for our clients, but also moved the needle in the industry towards transparency & simplicity – because that is where the future lies.

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Hesehus: BabySam online growth boost by 230%

Hesehus assisted BabySam with their online growth by developing a brand new e-commerce solution. Become inspired and read all about it here.

Groundbreaking results
Denmark’s biggest player in the baby and children’s equipment market wanted to further grow their omnichannel activities. Due to this desire, BabySam decided to join forces with the team at Hesehus to accomplish this growth.

However, before we go further down the road, let’s have a look at the time frame and Hesehus’s achievements with this project. Due to the fact that you might not believe us when we say:

In just four months, Hesehus was able to develop BabySam’s new e-commerce solution. A solution that produced remarkable results:

– 44% increase in conversion rate
– 113% increase in online sales
– 33% increase in organic traffic

Wow! With results like this, you will want to get your hands on the Hesehus team before your competitors do:

Contact the CEO in Hesehus now to get in touch: Lars Hedal.

The solution
The team discovered that 80% of BabySam’s traffic came from mobile devices. With this insight, Hesehus was able to strategically create a seamless online store for the customers by using the software platform Bizzkit.

As you can see and understand by now, Hesehus’ Bizzkit platform is a remarkable platform that can be trusted. As it truly allows companies to develop unique online stores, by centring on easiness and the creation of high quality user experiences. Undeniably, the Hesehus team developed a new online shop that produced results. Take a look at the shop at to view it yourself.

Now, let’s look a bit closely at the details of this work:

– Use of React, a frontend technology, making an optimal performance on BabySam’s website
– Dashboards with live high quality data used to show their top KPI’s
– Personalisation tool with Bizzkit Raptor. Helping online users find similar products, based on data, and to produce 1:1 personalisation content.

Silver award at the FDIH E-commerce awards in 2019 in the category “Best e-commerce case”.

“The craftsmanship is solid, agile and worked into all areas of the business, which naturally also has a well-managed omnichannel strategy,” says the jury’s decision.

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Lars Hedal, CEO, Hesehus

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