Helping digital companies
take the next big leap

QNTM is a growth partner unlike any other. We invest over the long term in companies that excel in digital software and technology – creating an invaluable digital ecosystem and accelerating your growth.

A different kind
of partner

Offering growth capital is not unique – but QNTM is. We’re in it for the long haul compared to most others, and are committed to preserving the uniqueness and essential DNA of your company.

QNTM is made up of experienced industry leaders and digital entrepreneurs with a passion for helping companies become the digital winners of tomorrow.

Our big ambition is to strengthen the digital maturity of global companies – and we offer true partnership, brutal honesty and grit to ensure you’re the entrepreneurs to get us there.

If you’re an entrepreneur in software or marketing technology – and are looking to grow – let’s talk.

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This is how
we do it


Investing in your long-term success

Sustainable results don’t come overnight. That’s why we take the long view and offer flexibility in the length and structure of our investments.


Get more than just capital

Being a part of QNTM means being a part of an ecosystem of winners. Our companies get access to expertise from industry leaders, connections to their peers, and a world-class network of global companies.


Keep your uniqueness

What got you where you are is working, and we want to keep it that way. When we invest, we commit to preserving your unique DNA.

We invest in
digital leaders

Our ecosystem

Our growing portfolio of companies includes world-leading organizations within software and marketing technology.

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