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winners of tomorrow

QNTM is a European group providing a unique suite of best-of-breed products within the Marketing Technology sphere, set out to revolutionize the way companies approach their growth strategies.

An offer based
on your needs

We believe in the power of a customizable marketing technology solution that brings top-line growth to our customers.

By combining a curated selection of best-of-breed products within the marketing technology sphere, with the expertise from our partners, we are equipped to meet your unique needs.

We are not a one-size fits all suite. That means you are always free to combine our products and solutions with others. That’s the core of our open and customizable ecosystem.

If you’re an entrepreneur in software or marketing technology – and are looking to grow – let’s talk.

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How we do it


What is the best way for your business to reach digital success? Together we identify your needs and growth possibilities.


With our partners, we help you with the setup and implementation, so all your current and QNTM solutions run seamlessly together.


We regularly evaluate the performance of your solution, to make sure everything runs as it should. Since our solutions are flexible and scalable, it’s possible to adjust them continuously.

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Our ecosystem

Our offer in short: Best-of breed products within the Marketing Technology sphere.

A customizable ecosystem