BNP Paribas

Curious about our work and how a QNTM solution may look like? Here are some of our clients, and a few words about what we have accomplished together.

BNP Paribas

Bespoke support and guidance is a substantial part of BNP Paribas Private Bank’s DNA. To ensure a satisfactory level of quality in their services, the banking group meets its customer’s expectations by leveraging its wide network 
of experts in wealth management. Such an approach requires a great level of personalization in all interactions with the clients, hence the choice of Actito for BNP Paribas Private Bank.

With an imminent need for a solution that allows for 
a personalized approach in marketing campaigns, 
the banking group requires a solution capable of guaranteeing an impeccable automation aspect thanks 
to flow automation assets and database management capabilities.

Client problem

BNP Paribas Private Bank was facing multiple challenges 
in its journey to becoming a “Conversational Bank”.

From a technical point of view, the banking group requires 
a high level of robustness and scalability of its marketing solution, due to the large volumes of its databases. Indeed, it is essential for BNP Paribas to be able to adopt a solution capable of integrating substantial volumes and establishing a relational model in its management of real-time data flows.

Furthermore, to ensure the right information reaches the right customer (and the right advisor), BNP Paribas Private Bank needs an element of precise targeting in its marketing campaigns in order to personalize the message accordingly. The challenge is therefore to multiply the deployment of its mass campaigns, without creating a disconnection between the advisor and the client, a “human-touch” characteristic of the BNP Paribas Private Bank services that is of the utmost importance.

Our solution

The collaboration between BNP Paribas Private Bank and Actito was conducted in an agile methodology to successfully migrate and set 
up the data within a maximum of 3 months. The new structuring of the databases according to the relational model of Actito has enabled the BNP Paribas teams to succeed in better targeting at the level of their campaigns. Thus taking on the challenge of customizing marketing campaigns successfully. The scripting and advanced form functionalities available through Actito reinforce the tailored support approach offered by BNP advisers to their clients, by adapting the content of the various campaigns to the clients’ preferences, in real-time.

Client results

The Actito structure of the relational data model adopted by BNP Paribas Private Bank has enabled the latter to achieve better targeting in its marketing campaigns. As a result, +15% of customers were reached by these new campaigns and +15,000 personalized emailing campaigns were sent to the right customer. For instance, regular “market review” campaigns are now adapted to the needs and preferences of clients, thus putting them in contact with the right advisor.

Marketing campaigns with adapted content and personalized 
screens have also enabled BNP Paribas Private Bank to maintain the conversation with its customers in times of crisis by broadcasting video sequences and films. This allowed the bank to reach more than 10% of 
its customer database and have viewing rates 30% higher than before.